Discord Emoji List

Our community based website is designed to allow all users the ability to expand our offerings of fun and custom Discord Emojis. Browse through hundreds of the Best Discord Emojis on our community supported website!

How do I download Discord Emojis to my Discord Server?

Adding Discord Emojis to your Discord Server is a simple and easy process. Select your favorite discord server emojis and hit the download button. These emojis can be any image file format including gifs (which are animated), and pngs or jpegs which are static. Once you have downloaded the desired images, open your discord server settings, select emojis, and then upload all your desired emojis to your heart's content.

Why should I use Discord Emojis?

The benefit of these discord emojis is to allow your community to have a more fun environment. This is done by providing fun reactions that fit the theme of your discord server. No matter what type of community you have, we offer emojis to fit every theme. Offering a wide variety of emojis for your discord server is our specialty, so take this opportunity to browse among all the categories.

What are the benefits to Custom Discord Emojis?

Adding Discord Emojis to your server can offer a variety of benefits including higher retention, and a fun server environment. Take this chance to fully indulge in our exclusive discord emojis. Your discord members will appreciate the customized experience.

Can I create my own Discord Emojis?

Yes, we offer the ability for anyone to contribute to our Discord Emoji List. Once you’ve connected your discord profile. Go ahead to our dashboard where you can upload emojis that you enjoy using personally, or that you have created. Your profile will then be ranked based on the number of views and downloads your emojis receive.

How many Discord Emojis can I upload to my Server?

The quantity of emojis you can upload to your server depends on your Discord Nitro status, boost level, and other factors. As a normal Discord Status without Boosts, you may upload up to 50 static discord emojis. If you have a Nitro status, you can then upload 50 static discord emojis, as well as 50 animated discord emojis. A level one discord server boost will allow for an additional 50 emojis, totalling 100. A level two discord server boost will allow for an additional 50 emojis, totalling 150. A level three discord server boost will allow for an additional 100 emojis, totalling 250 discord emojis; which is the maximum amount you can obtain.